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Basic Admissions Requirements



Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to participate in any of the courses.


A high school diploma or General Educational Development (GED) Diploma is required for all courses. Candidates from secondary schools outside of the United States must have transcripts translated and evaluated by an approved outside organization.



Admission Process

The admissions process has been implemented for most Allied Health programs being certified via the National Healthcareer Association. All applicants must first meet standard minimum requirements for admission and then be referred to the individual courses. Each course has its own process for determining admission from among the qualified candidates.


Proof of Residency

All students are coded as out-of-state and must prove residency for previous 12 consecutive months to qualify for Champion Funds which help sponsor a candidate in any state CFA Career Training Center is located. Documents used to verify Residency include the following verifiable documentation:


Acceptable documentation for in-state tuition rate includes:

  • A State of Georgia/Ohio issued ID (issued at least 12 months prior)

  • A current Military Issued ID card

  • A candidate (or parent for dependent candidate) prior-year Georgia/Ohio Tax Form

  • Notarized letter on company letterhead indicating lease status\agreement

  •  Utility statement listing a full 12 months of charges

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